MAHEPA project is developing and flying two new hybrid electric powertrains to enable cleaner, quieter and more efficient aircraft propulsion. by adopting a modular approach to propulsion system components design, for the first time two variants of a serial hybrid-electric powertrains will be tested in flight: the first uses a fuel-driven generator to charge the batteries and power the electric motor, while the second relies on fuel cells to produce power enabling zero-emission flight. data from flight tests will be used to model future operating scenarios of hybrid electric aviation paving the way towards greener aircraft.

The project is developing key technology and roadmap for market implementation of future hybrid-electric airplanes. After having completed successful ground demonstrations of a hybrid powertrain in previous project HYPSTAIR (FP7 605305), MAHEPA will deliver new, optimized propulsion components with increased reliability suitable for in-flight testing and future commercial deployment to small aircraft. The first flights of two four-seat airplanes equipped with MAHEPA hybrid electric powertrains are scheduled for 2020.


modular and scalable

zero emissions

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