MAHEPA workshop: The hybrid-electric aviation revolution

Hybrid-electric propulsion technologies are appealing for a new paradigm of transport services and business models with their many advantages, such as low or near- zero emissions, reduced noise and low operating costs. However, several issues, such as market application and the need for the construction of vital ground infrastructure might hinder its application. These points are subject of in-depth studies together with the investigation of new air transport services that could be provided with hybrid aircraft.

To address the open issues of hybrid-electric aviation revolution, the MAHEPA consortium and a pool of expert from aviation and hydrogen industry, namely Linde Gas Italia, Leonardo, Tenaris, Jülich, and Encon gathered together at the MAHEPA Workshop in Milano, Italy, on March 13th, 2019. The discussions focused on the identification of necessary ground infrastructure and investments at airports to enable operation of hybrid aircraft and on the scope of investments, in relation with volume and type of transport to be performed with hybrids. The workshop conclusions shall serve as inputs to scenario studies and modelling framework, encompassing network identification (involved airports and airfields, identification of potential routes, airline business models, platform performance, potential aircraft production volumes) and required ground infrastructure at airports for recharging and fuelling ICE-hybrid and FC-hydrogen aircraft.