MAHEPA presented at 13th IEE PowerTech 2019 in Milano

PowerTech is the anchor conference of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) in Europe and provides a forum for researchers and engineers involved in electric power and energy engineering to share ideas and results. The conference was organized and co-sponsored by IEEE, PES and Politecnico di Milano, and was held on June 23-27, 2019 at Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

Conference covered topics on energy transition, which brings new challenges and opportunities for all involved in the development of sustainable electrical energy networks in which new technologies and models for research study, industry development and business plan are being proposed, developed and tested. Leading innovation in this frame is a serious attempt to provide the best system at a given period, and succeeds in producing new workable solutions to invest for the future, reflecting the opportunities of the technological knowledge. Project partners from Politecnico di Milano presented MAHEPA’s optimization model for airport infrastructures in support to electric aircraft. The full conference proceeding is available here.