MAHEPA presented at the European Mobility Week conference

On Monday European Mobility Week has started. Among other countries, also 78 Slovenian municipalities joined activities and events aimed at reducing road traffic. With numerous events local communities will be encouraged to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and reduce the volume of motor road transport, as it contributes the largest share of greenhouse gases in Slovenia.

To address the topic, a conference on »How to change travel behavior in Maribor« will be held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture on Thursday, September 19th. Visitors will be able to listen to the lectures on travel habits and transport alternatives, such as car-sharing, e-scooters, bicycles, etc. During the event also MAHEPA project will be presented as part of the alternative means of transportation. Visitors will get to see the virtual MAHEPA Panthera aircraft up close and explore its propulsion system.