6th consortium meeting held at the TU Delft

TU Delft held the 6th consortium meeting in October 2019. All project partners gathered together to discuss the progress of MAHEPA project. While several components of both aircraft are currently in the testing phase, we highly anticipate first ground testing and later on first flight test, which are scheduled for May 2020.

For the next period ground testing of FC-hybrid and ICE-hybrid powertrain is scheduled, as well as flight test programmes for ICE-hybrid aircraft and FC-hybrid aircraft with redundant FC power generator and first flights tests for ICE-hybrid aircraft.

To better promote the project and disseminate project results, MAHEPA project will aim to be present at the most important aviation fairs and conferences, such as AERO 2020, Aerodays Berlin, and so on. Also organization of several project events was discussed at the meeting, such as workshops on safety, out-of-the-box seminar and especially the summer school, which will be organized in the fall of 2020.

Consortium meeting ended with the tour of facilities and laboratory in TU Delft, and the wind tunnels, which are based on the campus.


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