Experiencing virtual Panthera aircraft with HoloLens glasses

New information and communication technologies are emerging so fast in today’s time that it is hard to keep track and even harder to absorb all the novelties. Technologies, such as HoloLens and VR glasses are bringing new exciting realities, from augmented to virtual, and have proven to be a very useful tool as it brings elements of the virtual world into real life, offering users a deep sense of reality.

A virtual replica of MAHEPA Panthera aircraft was created in the scope of MAHEPA project to demonstrate new hybrid propulsion system, using Microsoft HoloLens and Unity 3D Game engine, a powerful tool for creating augmented reality environments. With HoloLens glasses users can browse through the propulsion system and get general technical information of its components. As the virtual aircraft is fully interactive, users get to explore the entire propulsion system inside out. To make the interaction even more interesting, users have the full control over the aircraft, so they can decide how much and how thoroughly they want to discover the MAHEPA hybrid propulsion system. The presentation of these technologies was carried out in November 2019 at Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o.


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