MAHEPA delivers at MEA Hamburg and Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium

MAHEPA project was recently presented in two conferences: ‘More Electric & Hybrid Aircraft 2019’ in Hamburg, Germany and in ‘Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium’ in Cologne, Germany by prof. dr. Josef Kallo (Head of energy systems integration, DLR/University of Ulm).

Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium is the world’s leading international conference dedicated to ultra-low-emission aircraft technology and full-electric flight possibilities. The two-day event covered all aspects of aerospace activity, from general aviation and smaller regional aircraft, to larger commercial airliners. Its purpose is to highlight the fast-paced development of hybrid propulsion and electrical subsystem architecture or MEA and to discuss the vast research into increased electrification of aircraft and the possibilities and challenges that brings.

Prof. Kallo discussed about how hybrid electric flights are opening up a new dimension in aviation and how MAHEPA project aims to deliver a clean, emission free, low noise aircraft propulsion. He discussed briefly about the two hybrid electric drivetrain currently being developed for this project and the application scenarios.

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