MAHEPA showcased and presented at Crea©tivity 2019

On 14 and 15 November two intense days of conferences, meetings and workshops with guests from all over the world were carried out at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, Italy.

14 editions from 2006 to 2019, 17 years of events, 87 Italian and international schools and institutions participating, 211 experts, guests, invited tutors, 3,850 participants in WorkOut workshops. These are the numbers of Crea©tivity, the event that every year brings the greatest Italian and worldwide experts to the Piaggio Museum of Pontedera.

On 14 and 15 November the fourteenth edition of the conference offered two intense days of conferences, meetings and workshops on design, creativity and innovation. An important opportunity for a reflection on the role and cultural dynamics between schools, universities and companies.

Theme of this 14th edition was CONN-ACTION – a virtuous circle created between action and connection and presents a reference point for institutes, companies, researchers, professionals and enthusiasts. Taking part in an event, where training takes place – starting from the exchange established between all the participants, among their case histories, ideas, knowledge and inspirations offers a great opportunity for design visions in every area of applied creativity, between relationship and interdependence, and also networks, circuits, matrices, visions and complex relationships.
Crea©tivity started off on Thursday, November 14th with an ‘Open Conference’, which focused on the transfer of skills, technologies and knowledge in the field of design from a panel of worlwide experts, companies and projects. Presenters tackled the topics from transversal theme of the energy to design visions, where also MAHEPA project was introduced.

Project partners from University of Maribor introduced future transportation methods to more than 700 students and delegates from Italian industry sector. Beside the presentation, MAHEPA stand was showcasing the newest technologies, with which virtual MAHEPA Panthera was introduced and users had the opportunity to sit in a pilot seat and get a sneak peek of how MAHEPA Panthera cockpit will look like. Using these technologies has shown to be very useful and was well accepted among users of all ages.

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