MAHEPA takes the spotlight at INEA workshop on Aviation Research on Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

MAHEPA was presented at the Aviation Research on Hybrid-Electric Aircraft workshop, which was organized by INEA on January 22nd, 2020 in Brussels. INEA invited researchers, among others also project MAHEPA to jointly address current challenges and outline next steps for EU Aviation research on hybrid-electric aircraft. For EU to reach the goal of being climate neutral by 2050, reducing environmental impact is one of the key requirements.

Efforts need to be accelerated to increase resource efficiency and reduce noise emissions. Innovation is the key to achieve the 2050 environmental goals, which will require further development in aircraft design, airframe configuration and propulsion systems, as well as innovation in the various alternative fuel options.

MAHEPA project is coordinated by lead partner Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, whose representatives presented the development of  innovative propulsion systems in two hybrid-electric aircraft, while also addressing necessary airport infrastructure and strategies for wider transportation implementation. In doing so, the MAHEPA provided valuable inputs for the R&I road map and found to be coinciding with the guidelines identified by INEA and the European Commission for a greener aviation.

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