MAHEPA at Symposium of Physicists

The goal of Symposium of Physicists at the University of Maribor is the meeting of physicist from Slovenia together with some of their collaborators form abroad (mostly from Germany, Austria and Hungary) to present their current work in all topics for which physics in important or they are important for physics; including everything from applied mathematics, theoretical and experimental physics, astronomy to interdisciplinary fields including engineering, medicine and sociology.

Among others, also MAHEPA project was presented at the Symposium, where distinguished guests from Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Hungary discussed topics on hydrogen and fuel-cell use for aircraft propulsion, carried out by doc. dr. Anita Prapotnik Brdnik. The use of hydrogen as a fuel in aviation has been topic of research for some time, but so far, research has evolved only towards hydrogen combustion. High efficiency fuel cells, however, present additional potential for the usage of hydrogen in aviation.