MAHEPA at E2Flight conference in Stuttgart

E2Flight conference on emission free and electric flight was held at Stuttgart Airport on 20th and 21st of February, 2020. Over 200 participants and more than 20 speakers debated the potential of electric and hybrid electric propulsion in aviation during the E2Flight conference, and Clean Sky’s Head of Strategic Development Ron van Manen delivered a keynote speech on the technological challenges involved in the quest for a climate neutral aviation system over the next decade. The challenges and required efforts for this to break through into the mainstream aviation market were under discussion, and participants included NASA, DLR NLR and ONERA, companies involved in the ‘Hydrogen Revolution’ and start-up companies with electric aircraft programmes such as  Ampaire and Zero-Avia. Among others, also MAHEPA project was represented by dr. Josef Kallo (DLR) as he was discussing advances in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion. The conference was well attended with participants from Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, the USA, and the U. K.

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