MAHEPA-related methodologies and results presented at AEC2020

The POLIMI research unit participated in the Aerospace Europe Conference (AEC2020, in Bordeaux, on February 25-27, 2020, presenting five memories.

The conference was aimed to provide a wide forum for discussing the current status and future research directions for sustaibanle aeronautics and space applications. For the first time, AEC2020 brought together three successful conferences: 3AF Greener Aviation, CEAS Air & Space Conference, and Aircraft Noise and Emission Symposium (ANERS).

The team composed by Lorenzo Trainelli, Carlo Riboldi, Alberto Rolando, and Francesco Salucci delivered their presentations touching on multiple topics in hybrid-electric aviation: from methodologies and applications in aircraft design, to aircraft noise prediction, optimal microfeeder network determination, and optimal airport infrastructural sizing.

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