Major milestone announcement: MAHEPA electric drive unit completed pre-flight qualification tests

MAHEPA consortium is proud to announce that the MAHEPA Electric Drive unit, developed by Compact Dynamics with the support of Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, has completed all the qualification tests and it is ready to be integrated in the Panthera and Hy4 aircraft. First flight of MAHEPA novel hybrid-electric aircraft is now one step closer to reality.

This powerful and very light-weight Electric Drive unit (achieving 300 kW at less than 45 kg) represents a major advancement of the state-of-the art of electric powertrains for aviation and is paving the way to achieving ambitious goals for Clean Aviation towards 2050, set by the European Union with its ‘Green Deal’. Aircraft to be powered by this technological masterpiece, either in single or in modular distributed-electric propulsion powertrain architectures will enable cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable airborne mobility, enabling new market segments and shorter commuting times for European citizens. Because of its slender design, the MAHEPA Electric Drive unit may be ideally suited for use also on future larger commuter class zero-emission hybrid-electric miniliners and microfeeders.