Master students gained a professional insight into the MAHEPA aircraft flight test

During a special online Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Flight Testing seminar the Aeronautical Engineering Master students at the Politecnico di Milano had the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the real testing of MAHEPA hybrid-electric aircraft. The students received first-hand experience on flight testing from Flight Test Department Leader at Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, who happens to be a former student at the Politecnico di Milano. Students who were actively involved in the MAHEPA project through their internship at Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, unveiled their research experience and achievements. The testing activities in the MAHEPA project are progressing rapidly. In the meantime, the components of MAHEPA powertrain have completed all pre-flight qualification tests in which the aircraft demonstrated a high level of technological performance. The flight tests, which will be carried out in the second half of 2020, will be the most enthusiastic part of the MAHEPA project from design, to certification. The MAHEPA project will continue to involve students and share project knowledge, with the aim of creating a new research stream among young researchers.