7th consortium meeting held online: important goals for MAHEPA are set

The partners of the MAHEPA project gathered on 25 May 2020 for a two-day online consortium meeting. During the past period all specifically modified components of hydrogen fuel-cell hybrid powertrain (integrated in Hy4 aircraft) and internal combustion engine hybrid powertrain (integrated in the hybrid-electric Panthera aircraft) have successfully passed the individual tests. The project partners are now preparing for ground tests of both aircraft. Due to the COVID-19 situation the flight test scheduled for early this year had to be slightly postponed, but it is still expected that the two innovative aircraft will fly before the end of 2020.

The partners discussed the progress they are making and the intermediate targets they are successfully meeting. Although many important aviation events have been cancelled this year, the MAHEPA project will be part of numerous events in the future, where visitors will be able to get an insight into the improvements made on the hybrid Panthera and Taurus G4 aircraft, which is being developed into the visionary Hy4 during this project.

One of the aims of the MAHEPA project is also to provide sufficient information for the further development of the future aircraft and to stimulate additional research, therefore an Autumn school at Delft University of Technology will be organized in November 2020. Students from the best technical universities in Europe will gather for a week of lectures and teamwork mentored by MAHEPA project partners; the experts in hybrid-electric aviation.

At the end the final event of the MAHEPA project was discussed; the grand unveiling of the project achievements, major challenges and research in hybrid-electric technology, will take place at AERO fair 2021 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.