MAHEPA and EASA unite on certifiability of hybrid-electric aviation: The greener aviation is coming

The MAHEPA Consortium and EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) jointly organised a two-day online workshop on the certification of hybrid electric aircraft, followed by a public webinar summarising the main results of the in-depth discussions with all participating parties. More than 90 attendees from engineering and aviation faculties as well as large companies in the aviation industry, such as Boeing, Airbus SAS, Mitsubishi Aircraft, Rolls-Royce Deutschland and many others were visibly impressed by the innovative aspects of the MAHEPA project and its development.

As a consultant in the MAHEPA project, EASA has provided guidance on specific research areas and on the development of the necessary relevant standards for hybrid electric aircraft. The discussion of the two-day workshop was more than intriguing since MAHEPA project is developing completely new concepts of hybrid-electric aircraft, accompanied by strategies for future sustainable aviation. The topics covered ranged from the use of small airports and the necessary equipment for the introduction of micro-feeders to the feasibility of mini-liners and the supply of hydrogen at airports.

After the second day of the workshop, a public webinar was held to present the MAHEPA project and its different development scenarios for future aviation to a wider public. Participants were invited to contribute to the webinar as part of the Q&A session and were eager to understand the best application possibilities of new technologies and how this could help to mitigate the negative impact of aviation on the environment and commuting times.