Did you know that MAHEPA is a pioneering EU project which is enabling sustainable aviation?

EU`s stepstone project MAHEPA stimulates innovative thinking and synchronised cooperation of eight partners, among them also the leaders of electric flight. Together they defined a structured approach to the problem – the challenge of sustainable and green aviation – and started to develop and flight test a hybrid-electric propulsion system for two small 4-seater aircraft.

Project’s integrated approach allows scalability in several areas; one of the greater importance is the fact that MAHEPA is not only developing two new propulsion systems but is simultaneously researching component sizing and possible adaptations for larger 19- and 70-seat aircraft. The market assessment, by building business possibilities for new air services, a micro-feeder/short-liner and hub-to-airport service among many others, is not overlooked. Completed with a market launch strategy, based on years of research in parallel with airport infrastructure planning, the transition to a nearly zero-emission and greener future is imminent.

The future of more sustainable aviation is in our reach. The MAHEPA project will allow us to meet EU’s sustainability and transport policy objectives by exploring several options for future fuel use and developing technologies that could revolutionize air travels and make aviation environmentally friendly.