MAHEPA, the pioneering project of green aviation, to perform its first flights

The consortium of eight partners who foresaw the need of more environmentally sustainable aviation is making significant progress towards clean aviation of the future.

MAHEPA is a research and development project applying a variety of technologies and strategies to enable hybrid-electric flight from small to large. In doing so, MAHEPA will contribute to decreasing of the environmental burden of aviation and will enable a better quality of life for all of us in the future.

The partners have been developing two specific propulsion systems for two 4-seater aircraft, keeping in mind the possible scalability of the components, meaning that all this green technology is being prepared for a much bigger goal – for future daily and sustainable commercial flights.

The MAHEPA project is now at the forefront of a significant accomplishment – the two pioneering aircraft, ICE-hybrid and FC-hybrid, that were being developed and perfected for the last three years, will take their first flights.