HMI concept and prototypes for MAHEPA Panthera aircraft

The design of an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)-Hybrid aircraft requires a specific Human Machine Interface, which allows the pilot to control and monitor the powertrain effectively, without excessive workload.

To optimise the use of the Hybrid-ICE powertrain, an ad-hoc equipment was selected and developed by the MAHEPA consortium to be installed on the test aircraft ICE-Hybrid MAHEPA Panthera. The MAHEPA Powertrain Control Interface (MPCI) is an integrated avionics device, which allows the monitoring of the MAHEPA powertrain status and parameters by giving the pilot a thorough overview of the main systems conditions.

Specific focus was also put to the Cautions and Warnings logic. In fact, the MPCI acts as well as an annunciator panel so that all information is displayed in a single screen, helping the pilot to cope with possible adverse situations in the easiest manner.