MAHEPA flight test results presented at E2Flight conference

This year, the MAHEPA project was presented at the E2Flight conference hosted by DLR and the University of Stuttgart. The concept behind E2Flight is to bring together research groups, universities, companies, and governmental organizations to discuss electric flight and it is used as a means to bring the information to the public. Since now industry is more involved in research and development towards emission free flight, it has become more involved in E2Flight, especially this year.

The main discussions had fit into two sections – the more general presentations and the technical presentations. Within the general section, there were informative presentations on sustainable global aviation and the public and regulatory perspective of electrification of flight. The technical presentations included high energy density batteries, FC systems for aviation, as well as conceptual electric aircraft design ideas and on top of that, actual flight test results and discussions.

Flight test results were presented from MAHEPA’s point of view, since Hy4 FC hybrid was the first aircraft that took off with this novel technology in November 2020. With the 6th generation hydrogen electric powertrain, Hy4 conducted more than 30 flights and during 2 weeks of test campaign, flights of up to two hours showed powertrain functionality and delivered valuable test data. With just those few examples of two days’ worth of information, it can be seen that E2Flight was successful at continuing these important discussions. With a mixture of presenters from EASA, DLR, Airbus, and plenty of others, the two-day event was full of interesting conversations about how to continue making electric aviation a reality, globally.