MAHEPA ground infrastructure requirements and Hy4 flight test campaign discussed at the EHATC

On April 20 and 21, 2021 an Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Virtual ‘Live’ conference will be held to discuss the future of electric and hybrid aircraft technology.

Conference topics will include the move toward more electric aircraft, the introduction of hybrid and full electric propulsion technologies, eVTOL aircraft design and propulsion technology, plus infrastructure requirements for new vertiports and upgrading existing commercial aviation airports.

At the conference, ground infrastructure requirements for future hybrid-electric aviation, prepared in scope of MAHEPA project, will be presented. To achieve the European Green Deal objectives, there must be a thorough focus on infrastructure readiness, rather than only a new generation of flying vehicles. With hybrid-electric aircraft entering the market for short- to medium-range missions, the ground infrastructure at airports must also keep pace with the technology evolution. The studies performed within the European MAHEPA project identified the key enabling aspects to consider for the creation of a comprehensive recharging and refueling infrastructure network to fully enable the widespread uptake of low- and zero-emission air transport.

At the conference also Hy4 flight test campaign will be presented by dr. Josef Kallo, who oversees electrochemical systems integration, including fuel cells, batteries and propulsion for aircraft at DLR, outlining the experience gained from the Hy4 flight test campaign and progress toward a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system for passenger aircraft.

Attendance to the conference is free of charge, but registration is required.

Registration is possible here.