The breakthrough technology behind Panthera and Hy4 aircraft will be shown at AEROS 2021

MAHEPA project will be presented at AEROS 2021, which will be held at 15 August 2021 at Skoke – Maribor Airport. Aeros is a South European air show and exhibition, where aviation enthusiasts come to enjoy the aircraft and helicopter program that includes a vast collaboration of aero acrobats, presentation of gliders, ultralight aircraft, parachutists and of course some old-timer aircraft. This year, the old will meet the new, when you will have a chance to visit the MAHEPA stand and take a look through our VR glasses at what the future of aviation holds.

The MAHEPA project has developed two highly innovative hybrid-electric propulsion systems that were integrated into Panthera and Hy4 aircraft. The Hy4 already performed its first flight in November 2020 and has therefore shown the feasibility of zero-emission passenger flight. The Panthera is expected to fly before September 2021.

Join us on Aeros 2021 and learn more about the breakthrough technology behind the two innovative aircraft with the help of virtual and augmented reality.

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