Virtual presentations of MAHEPA hybrid-electric aircraft attracted a lot of visitors at AEROS 2021

Aeros is a large South-European air show and exhibition organised every year at Maribor Airport. Pilots from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany come to participate and show their skills or just enjoy the sights.
This year, several thousand visitors from Slovenia and abroad had the opportunity to enjoy a very diverse program – from the thundering flights of Saab Gripen, AERO L-159 Alcas to Pilatus PC-9M, Aero L-29 Delfin and many, many others, including the Virus 121 of Pipistrel and of course a special treat from the most popular European acrobatic group, the Frecce Tricolori.

While the past and present of aviation were showcased high in the air, the future was on display on the ground. Needless to say, the MAHEPA project attracted a lot of interest from the visitors.
The MAHEPA stand featured many interesting virtual presentations of both Panthera and Hy4 hybrid-electric propulsion systems. The hologram and Hololens glasses fascinated people. Many stand visitors were interested in the innovative hybrid-electric technologies, further development of various systems, and forecasts of hybrid-electric commercial flights and associated aircraft prices.
The achievements of the MAHEPA project were familiar to many visitors, from pilots to engineering students to the general public who are passionate about aircraft. All had one thing in common – they are eagerly awaiting the first flights of the hybrid-electric Panthera.