Virtual MAHEPA aircraft presentation intrigued many visitors at Electrifly-In

The MAHEPA project was invited to be presented at Electrifly-In 2021, which was held at Grenchen Airport, Switzerland, September 11-12, 2021.
This is the only Fly-In event for electric and hybrid aircraft in Europe and it therefore attracts many visitors. The Electrifly-In provides a chance to see how the various electric flight projects are developing and how many different engineering teams are pursuing the ultimate goal of quieter and cleaner flight.

The MAHEPA stand was equipped with Hololens glasses, which provided a very interesting insight into the Panthera propulsion system, complete with specifications of the various components. Visitors were intrigued by such innovative presentations and impressed by the detailed representation of the Panthera aircraft.
The Panthera model, which was equipped with special QR codes, also attracted many different visitors, including engineers, students, pilots and general audience interested in the future of aviation.